Self Marketing Materials

Does your resume or cover letter need some sprucing up before you send it off that employer? Need help preparing for that upcoming interview? The links below will help you make sure your self marketing materials and skills are up to speed so you can put your best foot forward!

Resume Materials:
Resume World has some excellent resume samples to give you an idea of where to start when writing your resume whether you are looking for an entry level-job or something at the management level. Of course we always recommend you to also work with one of our Employment Specialists to help determine which type of format is best for you.

Cover Letter Materials:
The University of Maryland University College has a website that outlines different types of cover letters along with samples: 

Interview Preparation Materials: 
Ryerson University has a lot of information on how to prepare for interiews including tips on:
What to Wear
Information on Different Kinds of Interviews 
How to Prepare for an Interview 
Sample Questions 



Ten Thousand Coffees is a great way to find and make connections with people in your sector.


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