About The Career Foundation

Welcome to The Career Foundation!  We are a results-oriented non-profit organization and registered charity that has been serving people across the Greater Toronto Area successfully since 1988.  As a Service Excellence Organization, we are committed to providing the highest quality service possible to ensure that our job seeker clients and our employer partners reach their goals.

Our programs and services include job search, placement and HR solutions for employers.

Services for Job Seekers:
If you are a Job Seeker, we have 5 full suite centres located in Toronto, Etobicoke and Scarborough that can assist you with achieving your goals as well as 2 youth employment programs that operate under the name Completing the Circle in both Hamilton and Mississauga. For more information about these service centres, click here.

Services for Employers:
Employers, if you are looking for free and effective hiring solutions please contact the full service suite nearest you andspeak with one of our Employer Services Consultants.

Our Mission
Our mission is to link the resources of private sector companies, education and government to help all members of the community make the transition into employment.

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