How to Play Pokémon Go and Stay Employed

With the launch of Pokémon Go in Canada on July 17th, 2016, news reports of not only people getting seriously injured in various accidents but of employees losing their jobs and being subject to discipline, are spreading.

According to a Forbes poll, 69% of Pokémon Go users are playing the game in the workplace with a third of them admitting to spending more than an hour playing at work.

While some companies have a no-cellphone use policy, for those that have a more flexible work environment, here are some tips to keep your employer happy and avoid getting your phone confiscated or, even worst, a boot out the door.

Log on ONLY during your break time or lunch hour.
Yes. You may miss out on opportunities to catch potential and rare Pokémon, but you will be much more productive and less distracted at work.

Use Pokemon Go as an opportunity to build better relationships with your boss, colleagues and clients.
The popular app has introduced positive behaviours in the workplace.  According to the Forbes poll, half responded that their relationships with their colleagues and clients have improved from playing the game.

Encourage your colleagues to exercise and catch Pokémon and help your employer reduce on medical insurance costs.
Exercise improves productivity in many ways. It will increase blood flow to the brain which can help sharpen your memory and alertness as well as give you more energy to last the day. A healthier employee means less sick days and medical leaves.

Always be aware of your surroundings at work.
We have all heard of embarrassing stories of workers barging into important company meetings to catch Pokémon. Also, don’t be the first to get injured on the job while leaving machinery or equipment operating.

Don’t stay up all night hunting for Pokémon and then show up late for work or miss a shift.
With the exception of having a whole weekend off, avoid pulling an all-nighter. Even if you manage to come to work, you will be exhausted and mistakes could happen as well.

While the app provides many positives, it’s important to remember our responsibilities and to not take things to the extreme. Happy gaming everyone.

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