Is the Canada-Ontario Job Grant For Your Organization?

Your company is growing and searching for ways to retain current employees and develop important skills for increased job satisfaction. You know that satisfied employees are more productive. In today’s job market it is imperative that employees stay current. Your clients also appreciate working with staff that is motivated to serve them better.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is the solution in taking your company and employees to the next stage of growth in third party employee training. The COJG offers grants of up to $10,000 for each employee taking training. Companies are required to pay one third of the training costs while the grant will cover two thirds of the costs. Training costs covered by the program include tuition, textbooks, software and other required materials, mandatory student fees and examination fees.

Here are five eligibility criteria for providing direct funding to employers as follows:

  • Must be a for-profit or non-profit incorporated business licensed to operate in Ontario ; or
  • First Nations band councils; and organizations acting on behalf of employers: including union training halls, industry associates, and training coordinators can apply for the grant.
  • Employers should comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act and maintain appropriate workplace safety insurance such as WSIB;
  • Have minimum of $2M third party general liability insurance;
  • Comply with all applicable federal and provincial human rights legislations and regulations.

The training must not exceed one year and must be delivered by an eligible third party trainer in Ontario.

Examples of eligible 3rd party trainers are:

  • Public Universities;
  • School Boards;
  • Private trainers;
  • Product vendors;
  • Union-based training centres.

Here at The Career Foundation we are dedicated to assisting you with the application process. You will be guided through step by step as required to prepare you for your application submission to COJG. We have a professional team that works to get you optimal results.

Once an application is approved, your organization is then able to move forward with 3rd party training and realize the opportunity of growing your business with the assistance of a better trained workforce. Receiving a Canada-Ontario Job Grant for employees is a valuable investment in your company and its employees.

For more information please contact:

Laura MacLean, Business Developer

The Career Foundation – COJG

P: (416) 243-0066 ext. 34  E:


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