Thoughts and Feelings

Once in a while we hit a wall, a large wall that we didn’t think we’d be confronted by. It’s not for a lack of preparation, but we begin to feel at our personal limitations. We’re not just physically tired, but emotionally and intellectually. As we stare out into nothing, we’re thinking what we can possibly say to push ourselves one step further. Maybe we have our hands pressed against our forehead and perhaps we can feel our eyes beginning to water.

In some regards, we’ve all gone through these overwhelming feelings throughout our job search, personal life, and academic and professional career where time stood still and we felt we couldn’t move forward. The wall seems too daunting to climb or push down. Yet to let anyone see that we’re struggling is sometimes unthinkable, so we put on a facade as if everything appears to be okay. We trap ourselves in an illusionary prison, walking around in circles thinking what we can possibly do alone.

While deep down, we know we need help and all we need to do is reach out and ask for help. But, asking for help is a challenging thing to do at times. At times asking for help means being vulnerable and that can make us feel weak. Sometimes it means lowering our pride. Other times we think we’ll be a burden to other people. The thing is, so much goes on beneath the surface and the facade of having it all together, which can act as a barrier to seeking assistance.

Truthfully, it’s not easy to remove the illusion of perfection many of us has cast upon ourselves and try to hide behind. To dispel the illusion and show our hand can seem like an impossible thing to do, especially when we feel there isn’t a safe space where we can speak our mind. However, know this, asking for help isn’t weak instead it shows strength to admit that we’re struggling and we need a helping hand.
With this said, remember, it’s not just family and friends we can reach out to either. As the world turns and as the days go by, connections don’t simply expire. Try to reconnect with former colleagues, employers, and peers that we haven’t spoken to in quite some time to reignite that connection that we may have forgotten about.
Ultimately, it’s so important to not just rely on ourselves but the people around us, yet that’s only if we have the strength to turn to them. So don’t shy away from asking for help.

So now it’s your turn: Share your thoughts below in the comments.

Contributed by: Ken Lee


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