Digital Interview – What is it and how to succeed?

Contributed by Kerry Kettle

The evolution of technology in recruitment is maintaining a strong pace.  As more and more job seekers are coming across this type of pre-screening process, we need to equally evolve our communication style to stay successful.

To start with; what is a digital interview? Well, imagine that you have just applied for a position by submitting your resume and cover letter through email. You receive a response (hooray!) within 2 days indicating that the company is interested in the qualifications that you have to offer. However, the interview process ‘begins’ with a digital interview. You have 24 hours to record yourself answering specific, pre-determined questions using a webcam with microphone and submit it to the company’s HR department.



So, in getting started, there are a few things to take into consideration. Most digital interviewing platforms are user friendly enough that you can easily manipulate your electronic device to ‘record’ and ‘submit’ without too many issues. You may have a specific length of time to verbally give your answer to each question. If you are lucky, you will be able to give yourself more than one ‘take’ while answering each question (this of course is a bonus that you won’t get in a face to face interview). Consider the following when preparing for this type of interview:


Lighting should consist of natural light if possible or soft unnatural light. Choose a quiet physical space to set up your webcam and ensure that the background is neutral, not distracting and professional.

Internet Connectivity

There is nothing worse than trying to complete and submit a digital interview when your internet is slow or on the fritz. Test it out just before you start so you know that everything is good to go.


Keep in mind what part of you will be seen on camera and dress as though you will be attending an in-person interview. Steer clear of white clothing as it will deflect any light in the room and become distracting to the viewer. The angle that you are sitting is also an important consideration (facing the camera straight on or at a slight angle is best). As well, ensure that your entire head and shoulders are visibly portrayed in the video. When answering the questions if possible, read the question before you start recording and look directly at the camera as opposed to looking at yourself on screen.

What has your experience with digital interviewing been like?

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