Sometimes We All Need a Little Help

When it comes to job seeking, it never hurts to have all the support you can get! It helps with building new contacts, generating potential job opportunities, and overcoming some of the barriers associated with successfully securing employment. One thing that is true, is that we all have been or will be a job seeker at some point in our lives, but with effort and a willingness to secure employment  you can get that job!!!

Enjoy the words of a discouraged job seeker, turned hopeful, turned successful employee thanks to her participation in Completing the Circle – Mississauga! Continue to be motivated with your job search and watch amazing things happen.


It was through luck and a chance meeting, that I was introduced to one of the Career Foundation’s Completing the Circle staff at an information session. I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Completing the Circle program. I have been job searching for a while, but was not able to find anything! I would say my biggest barrier to finding employment was the interview phase; mainly my confidence during the interview and knowing how to answer the questions that employers had for me. What I hated the most was at the beginning of the interview, when I was asked the question, “Tell me about yourself?”

Before finding The Career Foundation, I had no idea about the 30-second commercial, a pitch to help promote my best qualities and work experiences. Practicing this pitch over and over with the other participants of the program made it easier to approach employers and has built up my confidence as well. The staff and guest speakers are so genuine and very helpful. They really do care and keep me motivated through job counselling, guidance while job searching, and their helpful intuitive advice.  The biggest tip that I have received from the amazing CTC staff, was that there is always opportunities everywhere. This helped me to understand not be afraid to enter a place and ask if there are any job openings. There are hidden opportunities and job leads out there; it is the jobseekers responsibility to make themselves open to the possibilities. I have to admit that part of the reason I have not been successful with my previous job searching was because I limited myself to only certain job titles and positions. Since I have been in the program, I have approached companies that I have not even considered before and had positive results.

I have attended four interviews this past week, three retail based and one office position. I have no experience working in a retail store, but I was hired by one! I was able to show the employer that my previous work experience and education, but largely my enthusiasm for the job, could successfully be transferred into the position.

The services and help from this program have proven invaluable; by assessing my situation, directing me onto the right track, and giving me sincere helpful feedback, I was able to develop the confidence and skills I required to be a confident job seeker. I will carry them forward into my current job and also through to future endeavours.  – C.W

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